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    Website Purpose

    Periodically questions arise in the media about ozone. For example: What is Ozone? Is Ozone safe? What are the uses of Ozone? With the advent of the Internet, there are literally thousands of articles and hundreds of web sites commenting on ozone. Oftentimes there is confusion and differences of opinion between them. None of those sites are regulated, none of the content is certified by any government agency, and there is no single site considered to be the most accurate and resourceful when it comes to Ozone. A large majority of those sites are private, individual sites that advocate a particular view of Ozone and its uses; some sites are educational or governmental that make an attempt to provide a broad picture of Ozone issues; and some sites are sponsored and/or funded directly or indirectly through advertising dollars, by health related associations with a particular "agenda" or view of ozone.

    In this Understanding Ozone™ site, we attempt to take some of the mystery and confusion out of the headlines by giving you a sense of the issues involved and a cross section of articles that make it clear that no matter where you stand on the issues of Ozone, there is a wide-spread consensus that Ozone is a substance that exists on an ongoing basis in Nature, and there are some universally accepted uses and benefits of Ozone.
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