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    Is Ozone Safe?

    If ozone was not safe, we would not be able to go outside and breathe the air, especially during sunshine, a thunderstorm, lightning, or after the rain. The fact is, when used responsibly, ozone is very safe just like oxygen and very beneficial to our planet and all of us that live here. To prove this obvious fact, many scientific studies have been done by experts on ozone, and all confirm the safety and beneficial aspects of ozone over and over again.

    Here is what some doctors say about ozone:
    "Recent authoritative investigations have established, that pure Ozone is Nontoxic even in concentrations as great as 20 or 50 parts per milliliters of air."
    - Clark Thorp, Ph.D., MD

    "Pure Ozone is not poisonous in any sense of the word as is breaks down in contact with the mucous membrane, and only Oxygen remains."
    - A. Hill, MD

    "Ozone is absolutely harmless when used correctly. We have demonstrated this over a period of many years in patients of all ages."
    - F. B. Carpenter, MD